Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pretty much abandoned

I haven't logged into this thing in ages! Not sure if people still follow this blog anymore. I wouldn't be surprised in the least!

This blog account is and will remain discontinued for an undisclosed amount of time. I have nothing against Blogger, but my interest in it is no longer there. You can already tell by the lack of updates on this thing.

Don't fret! I've been adamantly working on a few projects plus a Tumblr account!
Check em' out!

( A collaborated webcomic effort between myself and Yuki S. )
Alien Drugged:
( My solo webcomic project to be launched on August 6th )
Hause of Mause:
( My Tumblr account, where you can check on some behind the scenes sketches, illustrations, and occasional craft work that you won't find on DA or here! )

Thank you for following along with this blog for as long as it lasted. I'll keep this account up so you can check out some of my older stuff.
Until then, have a great summer!

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