Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years house of blues

Happy New Year everybody! Nothing too excited going on here. I got laid off, and fighting for unemployment and while on the side I've been practicing with my new art tools given by my friends and family.
So the main topic of the evening; Quill inks and pens. I finally received a set thanks to my cousin, and I've been going to town with them since.
This is what I got

Now, as I was looking through the ink section for pen ink I could only come across two brands; Higgins and Speedball superblack ink. Higgins, we all know and I've been informed well of, is chalky bullshit. I've tried it before and you're better off drawing in car oil. So because I wanted to try something out right away, ( and it was a gift ) I got the Speedball stuff. I figure it's good for regular black and white comicking. And so it is! I'm impressed with it so far, but it's come to be difficult inking buildings. Also, as my friend Heidi mentioned, it's not very water proof so slapping colors would be a challenge if I don't want to mess anything up. ( especially commission work. )
When hours can be picked up at my work and things calm down a bit I'll be investing in some Deleter ink and a jar of white.
In the meantime, here's a few practice pieces;