Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5/28/2008: Fabulousity & Fat Chunkery

Lately I've been heavily inspired by James Jean, Alessandro Barbucci, and the usage of 1960's typography. It's been a long while since I've dared to touch base on type art, since I've been known to fail at word-designs immensely. This illustration is again, made for the enterVOID community. It's a promotional piece for a sequential 'battle' that my cousin and I will hopefully work on someday soon.

I recently submitted my entry for SLG's Fat Chunk Anthology number 2, which will be in stores November of this year. For those of you who are unaware, FatChunk is a 144 page comic anthology consisting of a variety of comic artists of all levels of skill and cunning, brought to you by & published by the head minions of Slave Labor Graphics ( the guys that published JTHM and Lenore. ). Volume one: Robots should've hit the comic book shelves this month. Cross your fingers and let's hope I make the cut.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Coming back to you live with more of my feeble crap to share.

Awhile ago I asked a bunch of people from a forum I frequent to challenge me into drawing different types of vehicles. One buddy of mine suggested the BMWK Motorcycle series, an intense design that I can only describe as a beautiful mysterious she-bitch of a model. The inking isn't finished yet but I'll be working on it again soon.

Concept sketch of Edsel the "Spice" witch. Originally drawn to accompany my friend's candy demon character.

More nonsense with colored ink pens on my moleskin sketchbook. These are all just random ideas/quips between Yuki & I's enterVOID characters.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Recently my friend Yuki gave me some colored pens, and I've done nothing but go to town with them in my moleskin sketch book. Here are some examples....

Drawn while waiting for the bus. The scanner totally ripped apart the details. This is a character that I use for the sequential community, EnterVOID. I'll be posting more of her and others shamelessly in the near future.

These are two original characters, whom are husband and wife. They do have a history but I don't feel like getting into too much detail.

Probably one of my best recent sketches, as I am trying to pick up the habit of doing more detailed work. This is inspired by a story concept my cousin came up with awhile ago.


Hello and welcome to my illustration blog. It's currently super naked right now so I'm dressing it up to the best of my ability. ( wow, lame puns left and right. )
This blog mostly contains sketch work, raw concepts, and occasionally a finished product as well as news regarding art and comics.
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