Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alien Drugged

Finally...FINALLY!! For many years now I kept making alleged promises that I'd resurrect my old web comic project and now by some miracle I've been racing through my sketchbooks, redesigning old characters and introducing new scenarios.
Here's a bit of a preview:


Echo, the main protagonist of the story. Can transform into a bunny like "power suit" and wields a detachable lance. She's also an aspiring DJ, but always gets terrible gigs.

Frog, Echo's best friend and housemate. Has a major phobia towards outhouses. Her abilities reside in her bladed parasol, and summoning giant nut cracker heads.

Shep, Coral's "silent partner". Doesn't speak much. Due to her friend's vulgar behavior, she surpresses her true feelings for fear of causing more damage.

Coral, Echo's arch nemesis. Apparently had a past history with her that can only be described as humiliating and painful. Spends most of her time under an abandoned train station practicing kick boxing or playing darts.

There are more characters and sketches floating around in my book, but I won't be revealing everything. Once my last commission is done I will get started with drawing chapter 1.