Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art of the Tease

The following I am going to share and talk about is going to make me feel like I'm a 50 yr old virgin basement dweller. When it comes to portraying sexual innuendo in art, I rarely ever bother with the subject. I usually stick with fantasy, comedy, or just costume design concepts. The reason why I never really touch base with more adult like work is because I always clam up or fall nervous to other people's receptions. Then of course, there's the extremely unhealthy sexual content that swells up inside the internet, and strike me damned if I ever attract the creepy producers of such content. The funny thing is, whenever I do make an attempt and get ballsy showing someone my work....I get a more positive reception than I would have expected.
Do I sound ridiculous yet?

Here's a couple of recent examples.

The first subject on the very top consists of my red headed lady ( You can barely tell because she's pretty much overshadowed by his body, she is meant to be an older version. ) and Yukkin's character. This is the first real attempt of drawing anything slightly provocative. Though she is topless, he is pressing onto her like a human shield. Despite wearing a collar and leash, the fact she isn't being yanked yields a feeling of possession without harm. This was also my first time trying to color an image with half-tone dots.

The second subject was more of a for fun bit. I was thinking more of a daisy chain for this image but I got lazy and everything was already colored so lightly. This reminds me of a pin-up girl from the 1950's, which is one of the few adult based subjects that I do enjoy ( in moderation ).

Someday I will post more similar work when I have the confidence. Someday....