Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's do something nonsensical once more

Not a very 'artsy' post, but wanted to add a little more coal to this blog's furnace so to speak.
I was hanging out with RabbitJunk in pchat the other night and tried my hand at digital painting for the first time....

Not a very handsome first try.

The comic experiments will have to be put on hold for awhile due to my holiday card and sticker project ( and money issues is really ripping me apart stress wise....probably why I haven't been sleeping....blahblahblah. )
Around the first week of december I'll be alterating commission prices to make them cheaper temporarily for that month. We'll see how that works, but in the meantime....

( sorry Riley, I just had to. And yet you'll never know this entry even existed.
.....*snicker*.... )

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rhythim and Blues

It's been years since I've had my old web comic characters make an appearance in public, so allow me to refresh some memories and maybe make some new ones. In 1999 I had an old web comic called Alien Drugged, a sci-fi 'shoujo' type story about five unique girls and their abilities to fight off an evil empire of intergalactic transvestites. The story was inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sailor Moon ( HAH! ), and electronica pleasure culture. I stopped working on this around 2003 because of time for the project being cut short and I was reworking the same first chapter over and over. If you're interested in knowing more of this comic, the most recent chapter ( from 2006? ) can be found at my comicspace account.

Now onto more sketches! I decided to upload some older stuff from this year.
( LEFT ) Original character Pandora showing off her honkin huge mallet weapon. The next two are of a recent character I created named Ellegy, a Pan-like creature with a Quagmire overbite, and a passion for the accordion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Setting the Mood

This is technically a 'part 2' to the Halloween gift art I was working on for Yuki. The grinning wooly lookin guy is Ero Ero Happy, Yuki's 'candy demon'. The chunky pissed off erololita girl is Edsel, my 'witch' type figure.
.....They're best of friends! Can you tell?

The holidays are inching closer, which means it's time for me to carry on my annual tradition of illustrating stickers and mailing out cards to my friends. I also have some practice sequential comics planned in the works, both which are linked to some activity within enterVOID.

Below is a sample pic of one of these said projects I'll try to get working on:

If you know your greek mythology and dramas then you'll more than likely know which painting I parodied this from. This will be based off the tragedy of Apollo x Daphne, but based around the enterVOID verse. When will it happen? I couldn't tell you just yet!

As for sequential mini project number 2, I'll keep that under wraps for now.

In the meantime, that's all for tonight!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween ( and byebye )

WOW! For the most part I was suprised at this year's Halloween's festivities. I went to my first party, raided out candy from work
( they were free range, I swear! ) and I managed to pull off a small gift art to commemorate the holiday and cheer up a friend.
So what we have here is both of our characters dressed up as a Gurololita and a random male Suehiro Maruo character. ( I don't know of anyone specifically, but I know that the author portrays a lot of his male characters in similar outfits. )
Of course the hard eraser and scanner killed my inks. Again.
I did another set as requested by my friend, so I'll post that one up as soon as I can scan and color it!

Also for those that knew of my old website, is no longer in existence due to financial woes. BUT! That's where this blog comes in. From now on I'll be posting new content in here as well as news, events, and other art based snippets along with my account at Deviant art .