Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well I said I was going to post more right after that last entry, but man you guys ought to know by now that I am a terrible terrible liar. At least my best excuse is school, school, and more school. Don't worry, AD is not coming to another permanent halt. HOWEVER I was busy experimenting with the art of decoupage/Mod Podge and got some interesting results. Here's some samples of boxes I've been working on...

This is a box I did for my sister for Christmas. My first stab at mod podge, and a bit of a proud achievement. For this I used mod podge to tack down the black and white scrapbook paper, black acrylic paint, pearl white flower beads, and an avery mailing label with the original girl design by me.

One of my in-progress boxes. Not very high maintenance here, just tacking down a bunch of black and red miniature dice beads to make it look like a dice-mesh cube. You can't see it here but I kind of messed up on how much room the rows of die can take up, but I'll still finish it regardless of the sloppy handling.

I have a couple more to snapshot but that will also be awhile since one of them is a gift I need to mail out.