Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hard Lovins and Pluggins

I've been out and away for a long time. Trying to look for work while keeping myself productive through drawing and playing Silent Hill. Man's got to keep his sanity in check somehow right?
But you didn't stop by to hear me moan about my craptacular Summer, you want a legitimate update damnit!

Before I bust the arts I have some special plugs to fill.

My good man & freelance comic artist AluĂ­sio Cervelle Santos entered Zuda, a special competition for comic artists wanting to get published and recognition by the industry. First place winners get their works published by the grand masters of D.C comics!
Check out his brilliant entry here; http://zudacomics.com/node/1301 and please remember to give him your vote and support!

Another friend of mine is currently running a RedBubble account selling his designs on T-shirts, and so far he's got two nifty designs going. Please support his work and check out his little shop here; http://www.redbubble.com/people/rabbitrabbit/

FATCHUNK Volume II: Zombies is now available through online vendors and some bookstores in the US. As I mentioned before, my contribution should be in the book as well. Go pick up a copy! ( and buy me one too? I...S...so poor....)

Now for the visual stuff! Starting from the left:
Cover art for my next comic for enterVOID, a sample page from a canceled event,
and concept art for an alternative evil version of adult Eliza