Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Practice practice practice

Been sort of busy all this month, working on getting into a new school and practicing with my inks. Thankfully this post isn't all talk but more show, so let's get to the grind!

WIP: this is a commission I'm doing for a lady friend. What you see here is a color swatch test to make sure everything will integrate nicely before hand coloring. She chose the earthy brown/red palette.

One of my first major attempts at doing a pure ink/ink wash drawing. You can tell I made some awkward mistakes in the shadows of her arms. The knife also doesn't look quite like a knife as a couple of guys pointed out to me. Which lead me to the following doodles...

er....Lolita and knives. I'm sure nothing could be more awkward than this. I'll explain! See, I've also been having trouble with getting clothes to look natural on people ( as in organic folds and such. ) so I just decided to try killing two birds with one stone. I chose the Lolita gowns because the designs are challenging and aren't limited to one form of fabric. Also the blades in this drawing were referenced from bucknife model 184 and bucknife model 119.

Another practice session with clothing. By the way all of these dresses and blouses you see here were referenced from www.fanplusfriend.com. They have some pretty gorgeous dresses/EGA/cosplay items and even have close up shots of the fabric patterns they use. Good reference source IMO.