Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well I said I was going to post more right after that last entry, but man you guys ought to know by now that I am a terrible terrible liar. At least my best excuse is school, school, and more school. Don't worry, AD is not coming to another permanent halt. HOWEVER I was busy experimenting with the art of decoupage/Mod Podge and got some interesting results. Here's some samples of boxes I've been working on...

This is a box I did for my sister for Christmas. My first stab at mod podge, and a bit of a proud achievement. For this I used mod podge to tack down the black and white scrapbook paper, black acrylic paint, pearl white flower beads, and an avery mailing label with the original girl design by me.

One of my in-progress boxes. Not very high maintenance here, just tacking down a bunch of black and red miniature dice beads to make it look like a dice-mesh cube. You can't see it here but I kind of messed up on how much room the rows of die can take up, but I'll still finish it regardless of the sloppy handling.

I have a couple more to snapshot but that will also be awhile since one of them is a gift I need to mail out.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concept Art

Yes! We now have a post involving stuff in techni-color!

Most of the posts from here will involve quite a bit of concept art for my story. Here are the two main characters in their renovated 'battle costumes'
( I needed to update them since they had he same clothes since 1998.)

Please excuse my scanner, she likes to snack on the colors and line quality.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alien Drugged + Gorge

Changed up my blog's design again! This time it should be more permanent than most. ( plus I'm having a current love affair with gun metal gray and bright orange. ) I haven't had much of a chance to update this, as I've been too busy failing at school and hating my job. On the upswing, I've been working on two projects with the free time I have to spare.

these are just some preview shots of what's in store or Alien Drugged. Raw material stuff as usual.

Sketches of a bunch of different important characters from me and Yuki's collaboration project, Gorge.

More updates as they happen! ( ....what a way to state the obvious. )

Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming soon

Hey guys,
It's been awhile since I last posted. I don't have anything to bring to the table tonight, so this post is basically useless. Right now I'm sketching out pages for the first chapter in Alien Drugged, and it's been a miracle so far ( 13 pages out of predicted 21 and still going. )
I would post some art, but all I've been doing is terrible OC and Tegaki doodles, most of which are enterVOID related.
For now, I'm going to stave off drawing any of the usual characters until I can conclude chapter 1.

Sorry again for the weak post.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disasterpiece Theatre

So for the duration of the week I decided to get a little generous and do some free requests for people. The main focus was to get into practice with Inking, different techniques of inking, anatomy while doing someone else's characters blada bladda blah. Results? Personally I'm not satisfied with myself, as previous mistakes come back to haunt my stinking existence.

You'll see what I mean:

LEFT TO RIGHT : Riley's DJ Meteor, King Pong's Introvert, Remotely Painful's Leslie

Guess it's just one of them days

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hard Lovins and Pluggins

I've been out and away for a long time. Trying to look for work while keeping myself productive through drawing and playing Silent Hill. Man's got to keep his sanity in check somehow right?
But you didn't stop by to hear me moan about my craptacular Summer, you want a legitimate update damnit!

Before I bust the arts I have some special plugs to fill.

My good man & freelance comic artist AluĂ­sio Cervelle Santos entered Zuda, a special competition for comic artists wanting to get published and recognition by the industry. First place winners get their works published by the grand masters of D.C comics!
Check out his brilliant entry here; and please remember to give him your vote and support!

Another friend of mine is currently running a RedBubble account selling his designs on T-shirts, and so far he's got two nifty designs going. Please support his work and check out his little shop here;

FATCHUNK Volume II: Zombies is now available through online vendors and some bookstores in the US. As I mentioned before, my contribution should be in the book as well. Go pick up a copy! ( and buy me one too? poor....)

Now for the visual stuff! Starting from the left:
Cover art for my next comic for enterVOID, a sample page from a canceled event,
and concept art for an alternative evil version of adult Eliza

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alien Drugged

Finally...FINALLY!! For many years now I kept making alleged promises that I'd resurrect my old web comic project and now by some miracle I've been racing through my sketchbooks, redesigning old characters and introducing new scenarios.
Here's a bit of a preview:


Echo, the main protagonist of the story. Can transform into a bunny like "power suit" and wields a detachable lance. She's also an aspiring DJ, but always gets terrible gigs.

Frog, Echo's best friend and housemate. Has a major phobia towards outhouses. Her abilities reside in her bladed parasol, and summoning giant nut cracker heads.

Shep, Coral's "silent partner". Doesn't speak much. Due to her friend's vulgar behavior, she surpresses her true feelings for fear of causing more damage.

Coral, Echo's arch nemesis. Apparently had a past history with her that can only be described as humiliating and painful. Spends most of her time under an abandoned train station practicing kick boxing or playing darts.

There are more characters and sketches floating around in my book, but I won't be revealing everything. Once my last commission is done I will get started with drawing chapter 1.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Practice practice practice

Been sort of busy all this month, working on getting into a new school and practicing with my inks. Thankfully this post isn't all talk but more show, so let's get to the grind!

WIP: this is a commission I'm doing for a lady friend. What you see here is a color swatch test to make sure everything will integrate nicely before hand coloring. She chose the earthy brown/red palette.

One of my first major attempts at doing a pure ink/ink wash drawing. You can tell I made some awkward mistakes in the shadows of her arms. The knife also doesn't look quite like a knife as a couple of guys pointed out to me. Which lead me to the following doodles...

er....Lolita and knives. I'm sure nothing could be more awkward than this. I'll explain! See, I've also been having trouble with getting clothes to look natural on people ( as in organic folds and such. ) so I just decided to try killing two birds with one stone. I chose the Lolita gowns because the designs are challenging and aren't limited to one form of fabric. Also the blades in this drawing were referenced from bucknife model 184 and bucknife model 119.

Another practice session with clothing. By the way all of these dresses and blouses you see here were referenced from They have some pretty gorgeous dresses/EGA/cosplay items and even have close up shots of the fabric patterns they use. Good reference source IMO.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes we have no updates!

Well that ain't entirely true. For the last month or so I've been mixing it up with vegitating and doing another sequential battle at I'd link it but frankly my self confidence is too shot for sharing. Mayhaps later? Unless you the viewer already know how to find my stuff on the site.
I've did some small craft work recently, thanks to Yukkin sending me some clay and other little art supply things. I didn't bother taking photos before I mailed out the handmade gifts to everyone.
( I'm so BORING I know! )
In other news I received an e-mail from Jamie Chase of SLG stating that FatChunk volume 2 FINALLY has a release date. It should be coming around stores in April, so let's keep our fingers crossed and expect my little one shot to be in their book as well.
Don't expect updates to be frequent for awhile. I'll be practicing on not sucking with quill pens as well as a commission piece, and possibly another sequential match.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years house of blues

Happy New Year everybody! Nothing too excited going on here. I got laid off, and fighting for unemployment and while on the side I've been practicing with my new art tools given by my friends and family.
So the main topic of the evening; Quill inks and pens. I finally received a set thanks to my cousin, and I've been going to town with them since.
This is what I got

Now, as I was looking through the ink section for pen ink I could only come across two brands; Higgins and Speedball superblack ink. Higgins, we all know and I've been informed well of, is chalky bullshit. I've tried it before and you're better off drawing in car oil. So because I wanted to try something out right away, ( and it was a gift ) I got the Speedball stuff. I figure it's good for regular black and white comicking. And so it is! I'm impressed with it so far, but it's come to be difficult inking buildings. Also, as my friend Heidi mentioned, it's not very water proof so slapping colors would be a challenge if I don't want to mess anything up. ( especially commission work. )
When hours can be picked up at my work and things calm down a bit I'll be investing in some Deleter ink and a jar of white.
In the meantime, here's a few practice pieces;