Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes we have no updates!

Well that ain't entirely true. For the last month or so I've been mixing it up with vegitating and doing another sequential battle at I'd link it but frankly my self confidence is too shot for sharing. Mayhaps later? Unless you the viewer already know how to find my stuff on the site.
I've did some small craft work recently, thanks to Yukkin sending me some clay and other little art supply things. I didn't bother taking photos before I mailed out the handmade gifts to everyone.
( I'm so BORING I know! )
In other news I received an e-mail from Jamie Chase of SLG stating that FatChunk volume 2 FINALLY has a release date. It should be coming around stores in April, so let's keep our fingers crossed and expect my little one shot to be in their book as well.
Don't expect updates to be frequent for awhile. I'll be practicing on not sucking with quill pens as well as a commission piece, and possibly another sequential match.