Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art of the Tease

The following I am going to share and talk about is going to make me feel like I'm a 50 yr old virgin basement dweller. When it comes to portraying sexual innuendo in art, I rarely ever bother with the subject. I usually stick with fantasy, comedy, or just costume design concepts. The reason why I never really touch base with more adult like work is because I always clam up or fall nervous to other people's receptions. Then of course, there's the extremely unhealthy sexual content that swells up inside the internet, and strike me damned if I ever attract the creepy producers of such content. The funny thing is, whenever I do make an attempt and get ballsy showing someone my work....I get a more positive reception than I would have expected.
Do I sound ridiculous yet?

Here's a couple of recent examples.

The first subject on the very top consists of my red headed lady ( You can barely tell because she's pretty much overshadowed by his body, she is meant to be an older version. ) and Yukkin's character. This is the first real attempt of drawing anything slightly provocative. Though she is topless, he is pressing onto her like a human shield. Despite wearing a collar and leash, the fact she isn't being yanked yields a feeling of possession without harm. This was also my first time trying to color an image with half-tone dots.

The second subject was more of a for fun bit. I was thinking more of a daisy chain for this image but I got lazy and everything was already colored so lightly. This reminds me of a pin-up girl from the 1950's, which is one of the few adult based subjects that I do enjoy ( in moderation ).

Someday I will post more similar work when I have the confidence. Someday....

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xxdhxx said...

I have a very bipolar relationship to sex in art, but It makes sense. As a woman, I have to deal with enough sexual frustration in my every day life, not including the stuff I see when I come online.

Most erotic art online is all kitsch and no content. There is a very big difference between pornography and erotic art (the first being art purely for a instant psychological or physiological sexual response, the second as an image with erotic content where the main point of the image is NOT to provoke some grand sexual response.) If someone wants to draw a boob or a nipple peeking out of a shirt, sure. I can deal with that because while its part of the image, my eye is going to wander around the entire picture going "i like that compisition, oh that coloring job was well done, etc." where-as when its just two people fucking its like "okay, i get it. penis in the butt. alrighty."

A lot of kids these days draw very sexually violent images that they pass off as being "art" or images where women are being beaten, raped, forced into doing something, etc., and it just disturbs me that this (often poorly drawn) 'art' gets as many comments as it does like "oh, you're so revolutionary." everyone has a sex drive. everyone. there is nothing revolutionary about using a cheap trick to get attention and 15 minutes of fame. if people are going to like my art, i want it to be because they like my form and my style and composition. I dont want it to be because some creepy-assed 50-year old basement dweller or scurvy 12-year-old otaku think "titties are hot."

fuck that shit.