Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disasterpiece Theatre

So for the duration of the week I decided to get a little generous and do some free requests for people. The main focus was to get into practice with Inking, different techniques of inking, anatomy while doing someone else's characters blada bladda blah. Results? Personally I'm not satisfied with myself, as previous mistakes come back to haunt my stinking existence.

You'll see what I mean:

LEFT TO RIGHT : Riley's DJ Meteor, King Pong's Introvert, Remotely Painful's Leslie

Guess it's just one of them days

1 comment:

DH said...

I CALL SHENANIGANS ON YOU! I see improvement; your lines are slowly getting more smooth and including less signs of hand-shake, not to mention your coloring/shading had grown a lot, even in the last 4 months of stickers/pictures. I'm super fucking proud of you, no joke.

When I saw you post that up on DA I had to realllllyyy talk myself down from getting a free picture when I know there are other people who deserve it more than me. But seriously, you do a black-and-white ink picture of any character of mine and I'll easily make it a trade.

Don't give up, Emmy-kins! you are still on track. slow and steady wins the race.