Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concept Art

Yes! We now have a post involving stuff in techni-color!

Most of the posts from here will involve quite a bit of concept art for my story. Here are the two main characters in their renovated 'battle costumes'
( I needed to update them since they had he same clothes since 1998.)

Please excuse my scanner, she likes to snack on the colors and line quality.


DH said...

I am highly, highly in love with how both of these turned out so far. Do you know if you'll start hosting the comic page on a site anywhere? If you need room I still have lots of it to host people! :D

E. Biernott said...

Awww Thanks Heidsky!
The full comic won't be hosted on anymore websites. Rather I'm going for door #3 and making this into an actual graphic novel. ( if time permits it ) I am thinking of doing a little promo website with previews and little fun things involved. I'll get back to you on that offer in a little bit if that's alright with you. I definitely appreciate it!