Thursday, October 30, 2008


Because my official website is no longer existing, this blog will be serving a better purpose. (I hope) This is a sample of a commission I finished a few minutes ago. I started this around late summer and due to some side work this took forever to complete.

Massive thanks goes to the commissioner herself for extending help with the pose as well as photographs of the violin. ( Actually, I haven't shown her the piece yet but I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope she likes it. )


xxdhxx said...

I think it turned out stunningly. :3 sorry to hear about the website, too. with my finances the way they are i may have to downsize my package to the "poor kids luncheon special".

Emily Biernott said...

YEAH!! To hell with five star blue plate speshuls knownst as personal websites! Downgrading is where it's at these days!
Besides, I think blogs are a little friendlier to maintain these days, even if content can get mixed. :3