Monday, April 19, 2010

Explanation of absence, contests, F*X*T mag

Once again I apologize for the delay of updates. I normally don't talk about the grievances in my life through here since I have other outlets for venting. February of this year for me was the number one contender for worst month of my entire life. ( thus far ) My car broke down and had to replace an engine for two grand, which took away all of my tax return money and almost leaving me in the hole in my bank account. I was absent from the university for over one and a half weeks and despite my e-mails to the instructors, their responses were more of a half-hearted " I'm so sorry about your car" followed by a "BTW don't forget to bring some ________ for next class!" and I ended up getting kicked out of the place I was living. Nice eh?

And so washing my hands from my hellstained past and moved back to my old hometown, scored my old job back, and I've been more productive than ever.
Let's see, where to start...

I've recently joined a group on DeviantArt called Ink Group founded by a fellow comic artist and good buddy. He is also working on a unique artbook called "It's Like I Can Touch You", in which various artists contribute different sci-fi/ fantasy themed art pieces to be converted into stereoscopic art. ( aka 3-D Magic! )You can check out the details in this article on DapShow!

Satellite Soda is a collective art site which showcases handfuls of brilliant talent all over. They are holding a contest for their third artbook installment. You can see my hastly done entry here.

I would also like to encourage all of you artist and comic connessoirs(sp) to check out F*X*T, a magazine project that focuses on original art, comics, and stories. Problem is, they are lacking funds and are in need of your help! To get the project running, they need to hit their goal of $10,500 with only 12 days left! This project deserves a chance, so please check out their site here!


DH said...

D: ...! I'm sorry to hear that everything went sort of south on you, especially after it seemed like you were going to be able to escape the drama of your home-town. :( But, with all of these fun art projects + your new-old-new job back, it sounds like you should be able to start getting back to a place of relative normalcy again, yeh? Did you end up getting your own place or moving back in with family?

E. Biernott said...

Yeah, it actually feels very nice being back home. I've learned a lot along the way, especially this; never rush into anything you aren't 110% sure of. I made my mistakes, and I know well now not to repeat them ( if I can help it. )I'm living with my parent's right now, but it might change up in August if my folks can't keep the house. =/