Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween ( and byebye bittermause.com )

WOW! For the most part I was suprised at this year's Halloween's festivities. I went to my first party, raided out candy from work
( they were free range, I swear! ) and I managed to pull off a small gift art to commemorate the holiday and cheer up a friend.
So what we have here is both of our characters dressed up as a Gurololita and a random male Suehiro Maruo character. ( I don't know of anyone specifically, but I know that the author portrays a lot of his male characters in similar outfits. )
Of course the hard eraser and scanner killed my inks. Again.
I did another set as requested by my friend, so I'll post that one up as soon as I can scan and color it!

Also for those that knew of my old website, bittermause.com...it is no longer in existence due to financial woes. BUT! That's where this blog comes in. From now on I'll be posting new content in here as well as news, events, and other art based snippets along with my account at Deviant art .

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xxdhxx said...

HOOOO-AH, MOTHA' FUCKAH! Glad that you still have this place that you can update doodles so that I may harass-est you.