Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's do something nonsensical once more

Not a very 'artsy' post, but wanted to add a little more coal to this blog's furnace so to speak.
I was hanging out with RabbitJunk in pchat the other night and tried my hand at digital painting for the first time....

Not a very handsome first try.

The comic experiments will have to be put on hold for awhile due to my holiday card and sticker project ( and money issues is really ripping me apart stress wise....probably why I haven't been sleeping....blahblahblah. )
Around the first week of december I'll be alterating commission prices to make them cheaper temporarily for that month. We'll see how that works, but in the meantime....

( sorry Riley, I just had to. And yet you'll never know this entry even existed.
.....*snicker*.... )

1 comment:

Rabbitjunk said...

I think hanging out with you is amazingzing too. Omfg I can't help but lol at the pictures every time. xD