Friday, November 14, 2008

Rhythim and Blues

It's been years since I've had my old web comic characters make an appearance in public, so allow me to refresh some memories and maybe make some new ones. In 1999 I had an old web comic called Alien Drugged, a sci-fi 'shoujo' type story about five unique girls and their abilities to fight off an evil empire of intergalactic transvestites. The story was inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sailor Moon ( HAH! ), and electronica pleasure culture. I stopped working on this around 2003 because of time for the project being cut short and I was reworking the same first chapter over and over. If you're interested in knowing more of this comic, the most recent chapter ( from 2006? ) can be found at my comicspace account.

Now onto more sketches! I decided to upload some older stuff from this year.
( LEFT ) Original character Pandora showing off her honkin huge mallet weapon. The next two are of a recent character I created named Ellegy, a Pan-like creature with a Quagmire overbite, and a passion for the accordion.

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